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‘’Martin helped me change my body shape, but also my perspective on every day challenges. At first I had reservations; “will this work?” “can I be disciplined enough?” “Will a PT be able to get the best out of me?” Martin was patient and encouraging and with his personalised approach I never felt out of my depth. You’ll struggle to find anyone as passionate, motivated & personable as Martin. The ability to bring the best out of people is rare but Martin possess bags of it.'’

Business Owner

‘’Martin helped my wife and I hit the physical targets we set ourselves in advance of our wedding. Over 3 months, I lost around 15kg and completely changed the way my body looked. In doing so, I changed my relationship with food and alcohol and also the way that I train. Without Martin, I could not have achieved what I did. He’s a great coach who lives what he does and is really focused and motivated by his clients’ results. I cannot recommend him enough.’’

Business Development

"Martin was instrumental in completely changing the way I look and now think about food and exercise. I was always a fit and healthy, but slightly overweight. Martin was able to transform my body over 12 weeks and I was able to lose 14 kgs/2 stone in that period, dropping two belt sizes and reducing my body fat by 13%. He combines the skill of a motivator, an expert in his field and a friend who can help you when you are struggling."

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