What made you want to change your body?

I have always trained and have been in a pretty good shape, but I found that in order to push those extra miles and get the best body I could possibly get in a fairly short space of time I needed that big goal and the “Why” behind it.

Yes, there is always the vanity factor there, I mean let’s be real, who doesn’t want to look great naked?  Looking great means feeling great in your own body which in turn brings more confidence, self-esteem and positive energy impacting your life, relationship etc. So there was an element of that but what really pushed me to do it was to test my own product. I am a body transformation coach, this is what I do for my clients so I think it makes sense to taste your own medicine and prove not only to my clients, but my potential clients that it is possible and that if you really want to change your body and are ready for it with your big why behind it, nothing can stop you. You either do or you don’t. There is no maybe!

All of my clients are very busy individuals who don’t always have the time to spend in the kitchen, cooking and preparing their meals. My job is to not only change their lives for better but to also educate them on health, fitness and nutrition but with all that said it is to make their already busy lifestyles much easier not harder. Body transformation can be a very hard process that requires a lot of self-discipline, commitment and persistence. It can also be a very lonely process where your friends and family don’t always give you the support needed to push through the difficult times and this is where my role as a coach comes in. It is my job to be there every step of the way for my clients, give them the support and guidance and pull them through when times get hard both physically and mentally.  I needed to go through that process myself to be able to better understand my clients and offer them the helping hand in those tough situations.

I am very busy myself therefore embarking on that journey was a perfect challenge. I saw all my clients’ problems as an opportunity to come up with a solution, and I did!

I partnered up with one of  London’s leading food delivery companies, Fresh Fitness Food to show people and to prove that if you really want something there is always a way to get it. I now work closely with FFF who supply my clients with fresh food delivered daily to their door. No more hustle just stress free journey with incredible results.

What was your constant motivation throughout?

At the start, my motivation was obviously the challenge, the goal and the accountability to my clients, friends and family. That never changed but what is interesting is the fact that as the weeks were passing by my energy levels went absolutely off the roof, my body was changing pretty much from week to week and the fact that I was so focused made me realised how important having a goal is. Seeing my changes week by week in photos was very powerful motivation tool. And knowing I would be getting a professional photoshoot at the end was a massive motivation to look my best.

How did it impact on your relationship?

I think it impacted my relationship in a positive way. As I mentioned before it can be a lonely battle and if you don’t have the support from your family and friends it can either make or break you. I am fortunate enough that my wife is a very driven and successful individual herself and someone who has a huge passion for health and fitness therefore she understands the motives for why I did it, but having said that it was very tough for me at first because it meant that I had to be a bit selfish and stick to my own schedule during the day. The dinners were different from then on, it was me and my Tupperware boxes and there was my wife cooking her own food. After a while it got a lot easier, she actually jumped on the wagon and joined me on the transformation. She learned a lot about food, macros etc. and supported me massively throughout the process.  We always train together on the weekends which means that we can maintain a healthy and fun relationship.

How did it impact on work?

That is a very interesting question; it actually had a huge impact on my work and my clients; they became even more focused and driven from seeing my results. focused and driven. Suddenly I am not only their coach but I am one of them, I am accountable to them like they are to me. I could share all my moments with them, be even more empathetic and show them that it really is possible if you really want it. With regards to work it gave me even more structure and drive and also not having to cook for myself meant that I could take on more clients and help more people.

How did you feel throughout?

I actually felt amazing. First few weeks were fantastic, tons of energy; calories were high which meant my training was full on every session. As the process continued and I started cutting calories I could feel my body adapting which is a fascinating process, you are so much more aware of how your body reacts to certain changes and how it manages the energy output.

What were your goals going in?

To prove to myself and people out there that no matter how old (well, within reason, I am currently 35) and how busy you are it’s never too late or too busy to change what you are unhappy about. And also to show and prove to people that my product works 100% if you apply everything I say.

When did it get hard?

It gets hard when you don’t see changes for a few days, your mind is playing tricks on you, you start questioning whether it is worth it? Why am I doing it? And at this point I want to go back to the point I made at the beginning about the “Why”. This is what drives you through the tough times! It has to be something that triggers you every time, tough or not.

I would say one thing here, the most important thing to take away here is Patience! That can be your best friend and your worst enemy. We live in the world where everything is instantaneous, we want something and we can get it straight away. Your body is a very clever machine, you cannot speed things up, you just have to be patient and trust in the process.

I always say to my clients, “It didn’t take you to get to this state in a couple of months therefore you cannot expect it to go away with a click of the finger”.


How did you overcome cravings?

Well, that was very hard! Your mind is playing tricks on you so this is a matter of being strong mentally and remembering that those cravings were responsible for your unhappy state before. We also have to understand one very important thing here, your body doesn’t like extremes and being overweight or underweight is not a comfortable state for your body therefore your body’s natural reaction when being low body fat is to be in an alert mode and try to put those calories back in to prevent “starvation”.

How did your training change?

My training became a lot more structured and more intense. Before I would go to the gym regularly and train hard but it was different, the intensity would be different, the rest periods would be different, sometimes I would think to myself “I will do more next time” or “I’ll skip today and go tomorrow” but when I was on the transformation I would not skip a single session! I was excited to go to the gym, to push those extra reps, witnessing my body changing was so motivating.


How did you feel at the end?

Incredible, one of the best feelings ever. Having the photo shoot booked at the end was the best reward for that hard work and weeks of sacrifice. I felt a great sense of achievement.

I can honestly say that it was the best decision I made and the best journey. I learned so much about myself and about my body that I thought I knew but this was a different level.

How easy is it to maintain?

Maintaining a photoshoot condition isn’t easy and unless you get paid for staying shredded all year round it’s not something that you would want to do anyway. However, staying lean at a comfortable level of body fat whilst at the same time being able to maintain some level of social life IS by all means possible. This process teaches you how to do that, you not only learn about nutrition and how your body reacts to change and different lifestyle factors but you also realise that it is a constant process and finding balance is a key here.

People need to realise that maintaining a lean and healthy physique is something that they have to work on day in and day out. I always use the analogy of work, “If you don’t go to work every day you don’t get paid” it’s the same thing with your health and body, if you don’t make sure that you eat healthily every day and you hydrate your body properly and get enough quality sleep, you will not maintain the physique that you desire. It is all about the input and output, what you put in is what you get out.

Body transformation is a process that helps you get to where you want to be and show you that it is possible to achieve the goals that you set for yourself, you then assess where you feel comfortable and what is manageable and you adjust accordingly. I am there to help you do that.